About Us

The Pentesting Company was founded almost a decade ago when the Web 2.0 craze was in full swing. At the time we were working on penetration testing projects for a number of Fortune-500 companies and large government agencies. We quickly realized that the pentesting services and methodology considered even today an industry and government standard were sadly lacking in their return on investment (ROI). When it came down to real protection of corporate assets against a worldwide army of skilled and well-funded hacking entities the standards were failing day after day. The front pages of major media outlets are occupied almost daily by headlines of large organizations getting hacked. The bad news continues to roll in despite organizations investing millions in the latest security gadgets aimed at protecting them from evil hackers. It does not take long for anyone in such environment to realize that one should be able to do better given the amount of money spent.
After several weeks of brainstorming, we decided to form the Pentesting Company. We do penetration testing only, and have done so for the last 15 years. Our goal is to continuously reinvent the penetration testing and vulnerability assessment process in a way that combines the latest technology, with the most advanced manual hacking skills, at a unique price point targeted at each individual client. It is our opinion that true security is a real-time, ever-changing process, just like everything else in life.
In addition, we strive to provide a service that guides our clients to focus on addressing impactful vulnerabilities. This is in stark contrast to the haphazard security efforts in place at most organizations today designed to chase any and all obscure risk metrics defined by some security tool vendor and bound to change on a daily basis. Most of this chaos is mandated by the desire to demonstrate to shareholders and clients that an organization is actively working on improving its security posture. Demonstrating "active" security to the world is one thing, engineering reliable security measures is something else entirely. Our goal is to help you with both, so that at the end of our engagement you understand exactly what it is that you paid for, and how is your organization better off after having hired us.
As part of this process you will learn in as much or as little detail as you'd like what your security weaknesses are, how to fix them, and what to improve in your organization's staffing, processes or technology to prevent vulnerabilities from even becoming accessible to hackers in the future. And last, but not least - we are confident that we can do all of that for you at a price that cannot be matched by any other company, large or small, anywhere in the Western world.

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